Nestled deep in the hardwood forests of Northern Wisconsin lays one of the oldest mountain ranges in North America, the Penokee Range which is approximately 2.25 billion years old. Mother Nature has left her footprint on one of the most beautiful basalt quarries in the world. This vertical formation has created several dimensional stone products for use in landscape and masonry projects. They include veneer, both thin and full bed, wall stone, one man, large boulders for retaining walls, and outcroppings. In addition, we process split face veneer, one man wall stone, and edging.
   In the spring of 2013, Brad Gerlach visited northern Wisconsin and was blessed to have stumbled upon this unique geological site located near Pence, Wisconsin. After taking pictures and gathering multiple samples, Brad Gerlach journeyed back to Mpls./St. Paul to take his first steps in creating this business. Shortly thereafter, Brad Gerlach received his first significant order which became the catalyst for the formation of All Stone Solutions, LLC. in the fall of 2013.
   As part of his strong commitment to the success of this company, Brad Gerlach relocated to northern Wisconsin in 2014. Owners Brad Gerlach and James Bucheger spent several months in 2014 picking, marshalling, and sorting various landscaping and masonry stone products from their quarry. Late in 2014, a critical business decision was made to begin marketing their stone products into the upper Midwest region. To accomplish this, All Stone Solutions joined the MNLA and participated in the Minnesota Green Expo in January of 2015. It was a huge success, resulting in an expanded customer pool from several states.
   The convention success helped All Stone Solutions create an opportunity to apply for a business loan through a very large nonprofit organization known as Impact Seven, located in Almena, Wisconsin. Within months, All Stone Solutions received the funding needed to upgrade their fabricating facility and purchase high tech equipment from Park Industries. The year of 2015 resulted in moderate sales for All Stone Solutions, in spite of experiencing minimum growing pains.
   The 2016 participation in the MNLA convention was a huge success in expanding our customer base even more. This participation resulted in a deep penetration into the Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota stone markets.
   All Stone Solutions has concentrated its efforts on the veneer industry, both thin veneer and full bed veneer. Our stone has been blessed with some of the most unique blend of colors, textures, and dimensions for easy installation.


   Brad Gerlach was born and raised in Minnesota, graduating from Virginia High in 1966. He immediately pursued a higher education at UMD and graduated in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and History. For twenty years, Brad was the owner of Bradly Distributing, a food distributor serving throughout Minnesota. While Brad enjoyed his years as a food distributor, his real passion was devoted to stone. For the last fifteen years, Brad has pursued his passion and left his mark on the stone world. His long arm reach has impacted the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul markets along with the landscaping, masonry, and architectural markets in North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
   Jim Bucheger was born and raised in northern Wisconsin. Jim is a family man with a wife, four children, and four grandchildren. Jim attended UW-Superior for two years and WITC in Ashland for one year as a machinist.  He has been in business for himself for more than forty years, thirty years logging with processors and employing more than a dozen workers. Jim also has owned his own repair shop for a number of years.
   These two owners believe fate intervened and connected them in order to create something great known as All Stone Solutions. Brad’s passion and knowledge of stone runs deep, and he is a natural born salesman driven to obtain 100 percent customer satisfaction.  Jim is a determined businessman with the skills to fabricate and fix just about any small tool/equipment imaginable. The joining of these two individuals has resulted in an enjoyable, memorable journey and the creation of a very unique company called All Stone Solutions.